compared with a year earlier, but down more or less convenient to elaborate. "The high inventory of national sporting goods industry issues. Early in 2008 after the financial crisis, some sports brands, there are signs in this regard. From 2008 onwards part brands want to Mall in order to save costs, go out and do Street shop. "Peak sport products co CEO Xu Zhihua said the sporting goods industry is currently facing stock high and demand problems. China's sporting goods  asics gel excel 33 sale   industry during the past decade has experienced an explosion of growth, today entered a realignment or consolidation phases. The world's largest sporting goods retailers--France Decathlon (Decathlon store) choose to accelerate expansion in Dongguan. This is especially true for women's shoes on the market in China, in China, the introduction of international well-known shoe brand, and most come from France, and Italy and other high consumption countries, while Chinese women traditional consumption concept and aesthetic standards that limit the development trend of these brands. But among the many internationally renowned brands, there is a shoes won the overwhelming majority of Chinese female friends in hot pursuit, it is Mo-Hee Mi Ni.

 Hee Mi Ni first appeared in 1940Year of France this romantic city, it asics aaron mt sneaker high  also gives it a romantic nature, each city Mi Ni can cause a feeling of ease. MO-Hee Mi Ni is the Guangzhou jiahong footwear company limited implement the concept of one-stop footwear produced, design, procurement, production, sales as a whole is all hands-on by jiahong enterprise, guarantees the quality of the shoes to a great extent. Jiahong enterprise development is a major turning point in 1991, by investing hundreds of millions (billions of stores) over more than 10 large plant in the Pearl River Delta, so as to successfully deepen Hee Mi Ni's influence in the global market for women's shoes. In recent years, starting from the XI Mi Ni across our stores, has become a pioneer of China's shoe industry as a whole. Why are so many people willing to join the women's shoes under the brand it? in addition to far-reaching influence, what else can be alot of it?Motorcycle Hee Mi Ninv shoes products 2013 new reportedly, joined moximini of main advantage has following aspects: first is low risk of inputs, in joined early will has specifically of risk analyst help you analysis risk; second is intimate of service, not only will help joined who

full unconditional service, and also will free training Enterprise years operating of success experience, this is with money by cannot purchased of; last is shoes of species range, can adapted each age stage of women friends, And also by way of incentives to enhance the enthusiasm of franchisees. After more than half a century of women's shoes, who's classic by now still bursting out with dazzling brilliance, this is definitely a miracle. Joining those short-lived products, is a moth, maybe women's brands to join city Mi Ni can lead you into the next century. High heels for every woman is the most familiar, which is an essential part of the costumes to dress up in a modern society. A high quality pair of high heels, not only to make a woman's overall image color and temperament, but also serve to protect the foot from outside harm. In order to meet the psychology of female beauty, and female beauty in order to meet the psychological, as well as the demand for personalized, designers design also in the styles and colors of shoes and foot work. Looking at the women's market, consumers can buy shoe style high heels, flat, long, short boots, there are elegant, cute, feminine style, almost all the major department