rallies behind ABC brands to join in, to describe ABC brand development blueprint. Reporters learned that the event was held on cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences awarding ceremony with the ABC brand. It is understood that the end of 2012, China's highest academic institution--in science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and ABC reached a five-year strategic cooperation pact. CAs physico-chemical by Secretary of the and Deputy, Director of Huang Yong to started (China) limited Chairman Zhang Limin for strategy cooperation award brand will Shang,, Chinese Academy of Sciences and ABC reached of specific cooperation content including made antibacterial children shoes clothing enterprise standard, determines antibacterial children shoes nike shox turbo 12 mens running shoes   clothing of technology requirements and test method; established enterprises (State enterprises stores) industry antibacterial children shoes clothing detection laboratory, made antibacterial detection laboratory management procedures and antibacterial performance detection program;And Coach in Japan close 2 stores, at the end of the quarter the total number of stores to 191. Du yan Wang believes that the United States, and Japan is still the

 Coach of the global market's centre of gravity, but the market's current growth potential is limited, and China will gradually become the main Coach to enter the market. In addition, the VictorLuis in the report, said the men's business is expected to double this year to $ 600 million, rose 50%, in view of the success of men's clothing business, Coach men's business has nike shox rivalry mens  been expanding into the world's 600 districts. Du yan the macro view, current Coach have progressed rapidly in the global market, both stores open up, or performance improvement is particularly noticeable. But it is worth noting is that the current global retail market demand is still not optimistic, Coach a significant global expansion, risks need to be alert to flagging demand. In late February, Beijing Municipal industry and Commerce Bureau Bulletin: on the Beijing market in recent years sales of clothing products quality monitoring. Monitoring results show that Beijing clothing total quality in good condition, but there are still some quality problems, involving the identification of the main problems is apparel, fiber content, color fastness, PH value and formaldehyde and other items that do not comply with the relevant standards

and people are more familiar with famous children's clothing brand Ba Budou (BOB DOG) are listed on it. Exposure: Langdon "black list" is somehow informed by Bubba bean children's clothes after quality problems arise, the reporter found that this is not the first time Ba Budou quality "black list". In 2010, the Wenzhou industrial and commercial Bureau sampling, Bubba bean a plain weave trousers are detecting pH value; 2011Years, national QC General sampling, Bubba bean a paragraph production batch for BB1K120 of long sleeve shirt also was seized out pH value exceeded; 2012, in Inner Mongolia Bureau sampling, Bubba bean a paragraph production batch for HAIK102 of knitting coat was seized out acid perspiration color fastness not qualified; and this year, Beijing Bureau sampling, Bubba bean and has a paragraph production batch for BC2K433 of flat woven six points pants was seized out resistance wash color fastness not qualified. More time being ignored, merely 2010 now in four short years, Bob bean actually has quality problem was detected up to 4 times