in a row, although the sampling area varies, but enough to be alarming. What, then, is what leads to Bab beans repeatedly quality problems occur so? Interview: reminding us of no thing big playing "Tai Chi" with all questions, reporter dial has Bubba bean officer online of phone, in heard finished reporter of intent Hou, switchboard will phone turned to has QC sector, received heard of one staff said: this thing of processing approach Headquarters has Xia to Beijing of Office has, has what problem are by Beijing of Office to answers, headquarters does not on statement. Subsequently, the reporter called Ba Budou's offices in Beijing, but the Office staff told us: this sort of thing has always been from Headquarters stepped in, nor issued any related treatment practices in nike shox turbo 13 mens  the Office, so bad Office statement. So, this reporter once again give Bubba bean quality inspection departments at Headquarters to make a call, or the staff member, said: we are not very clear, of ours is a hose, and you specifically asked administrative departments. Administrative Department said more simply: we just label and regulations, this one not owned by us. A set of "Tai Chi Chuan" shot down, without any useful information.

Several quality problems before so there is no response?Reporters find information found that sampling in 2010 and 2012 after the result announcement, Bubba bean did not make any response, only the 2011 Chongqing television interview given a formal response. While, in May 6, 2011 consumption quality reported published a article name for Bubba bean nike shox roadster review   kids depending on quality for life, tries their best to build kids industry leading brand of articles in the has such a words: "recently, has part media reported has 2011 years a quarter kids quality national supervision checks results, domestic famous kids brand ' Bubba bean ' of a paragraph models for BB1K120 of long sleeve shirt also impressively in which, detection out of not qualified project for Qian, and behind material PH value partial high. To this end, Ba Budou (China) related to children's products company official: Bubba bean as the children's industry famous brand in Asia, depending on the quality of life, the spot checks the product PH value is slightly higher than companies expected, because the company before the garment production, material testing by the State authorized body, results were qualified after the bulk production. Meanwhile

the official said, in a February 21, hears the checks failed, spirit of responsibility for consumer purposes, instantly making the product under the full Cabinet and the recall notice, and once again, raw materials and finished products testing organization in Shanghai was commissioned to conduct re-inspection, April 6 test reports for passes, the measured PH value is 5.6, in line with the 4.0-7.5 testing standards. "Clearly, Bubba bean as the official believes their product does not seem to be any quality problem. The world's largest sporting goods retailers--France Decathlon (Decathlon store) choose to accelerate expansion in Dongguan. Decathlon China headquarters media relations officer Lin Zhitong recently said in an interview with the financial times, while higher inventories become the industry faced huge pressure, but had little effect on Decathlon. Decathlon will be set up in Dongguan of South China logistics and distribution center, future plans to open 15 stores in Dongguan, the preferred permanent settled in a town population of about