500,000, like Chang, Humen, HJ, Changping etc. Plans to open 15 stores in Dongguan in Dongguan's first "Decathlon" shop hongfu road, is located on the East side. Reporters observed that its relatively low price compared to other foreign brand products. In decathlon stores, a women's yoga pants everywhere 29, 49 of the game of golf with POLOT-shirt, $ 99 per pair of hiking shoes and other cheap goods. Lin Zhitong introduces low unit price is decided by the Decathlon business model. "The products, except for a small part is outside the operating agent of the brand, the vast majority of products are the Decathlon's own brand. Percentage of the store's own brand of more than 90%. "In addition, as the world's largest sporting goods retailer, Decathlon belongs to  nike shox uk store  sport the whole industry chain group aokexilan group. Decathlon from the design, production, retail and logistics are integrated, completely seamless integrated operation. "Decathlon" Dongcheng Dongcheng Street, with shop Decathlon after three years of negotiations, which opened at the end of 2011. There are more than 3,600 square meters, offers 65A sports product, both the Decathlon's own-brand products, there are also international brand-name

products. Following completion of the first store in Dongguan, the next, Decathlon will open 15 stores in Dongguan. "Last year was a decathlon in China the fastest growing year" Lin Zhitong said in an interview with the financial times, Decathlon plans to open 15 stores in Dongguan, in the future, first settled in a town resident population of about 500,000, such as Changan, town of Humen, houjie town, Changping etc. ", Including Chang, Humen town will become the preferred Decathlon, but does not  asics trainers womens exclude the possibility of other regional sites, such as the dalang also has plans to open a shop", says Lin Zhitong, Decathlon in global operations for many years, has been a mature business model, including buying land, leased, or rented and big retailers might. Lin Zhitong said the overall consumer sporting goods industry downturn, as is located in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, are the three economic corridors. Decathlon program set up in Dongguan of South China logistics and distribution centers. Decathlon group greater China CEO Kang

Pengya said on June 18, 2012, when meeting with visiting Vice Mayor He Yu, will invest $ 50 million in Dongguan to build logistics centre in South China, radiation and surrounding provinces and cities in the PRD project. Kang, Peng Ya said at the very potential in Dongguan city, Dongguan, combined with the Pearl River Delta and the good momentum of development, and will invest $ 50 million in chashan, Dongguan to build logistics centre in South China, to the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong provinces surrounding the branch distribution of goods, has now entered the stage of deeper cooperation. Decathlon expansion moves, is particularly striking in the current sports industry as a whole.Reporter visits to Dongguan, sporting goods sales enough to be positive. Shenzhen Rainbow (Rainbow stores) Department store company limited has 6 stores in Dongguan, located in Dongcheng, Changping, Huangjiang, Humen, Chang-an Street, houjie town. Tianhong investment than in the sporting goods industry has the advantage that Nike (Nike Store), a well-known sports brand adidas, KAPPA, etc are to be included. Rainbow official revealed that the sports brand of Dongguan 6 stores in the first quarter of this year sales have declined