children's clothing brand, then the Disney dragons faces which challenge in 2013? how to deal with these challenges? Chen, Director: each industry's development will have a life cycle, and children's apparel market by the wholesale agent of 90 's of the last century, the development of the franchise to the new millennium, the traditional marketing model has lost its competitive edge in the market, there must be innovative marketing approach, combined with the needs of the market and consumers products can be found in the market place. Due to the uneven quality of the industry in China for many years, all aspects of staff professionalism is not strong, the innovation of this will be not be easy. So the next few years, children's apparel industry will face a brutal thoroughly shuffle the strong stronger and the weak will be eliminated. Successful brands brand is bigger and stronger, by way of financing, more than business, but the operation of capital, long-term brand strategy. Its mode of operation, be means of all-round development for the import, wholesale and distribution, first-class brand image, product quality and price advantages to command the largest market share. Therefore, I personally think that

regardless of the children's apparel market nike shox o'leven mens   difficulties are big, but kids to dress shoes, after all, the key is to find a more advanced and scientific management mode to break the existing market confusion. Reporter: children consume about 200 billion dollars, consumer spending rise, an annual growth rate of 26.8%, children's influence on household consumption is close to 60%, children's goods market will become one of the most growing market in China, and thus sparked a scramble by companies to get into the industry, you can predict the development of the children's wear market roads will do? Chen, Director: children's apparel industry over the next decade the real gold (gold shop) of the Decade, China is gradually transformed from agricultural to an industrial power. With the accelerating town construction in China, accounting for 62% of the total population of China's rural population, will continue to move nike shox junior men's  from rural areas to the cities, as the city's new consumer force. This on means with, now accounted for whole children shoes clothing consumption 60% of bulk goods market, which 50% must to transformation for brand consumption, also means with future of two or three line city, will is brand children shoes clothing growth most fast of market! existing of children shoes clothing brand in the, 0-12 children shoes clothing accounted for whole market of 80%, now of children

 independent sex strong, on wearing is has ideas, has pop leisure fashion, and Camo dazzle cool, highlight personality of elements will attract more children of eye. Therefore, who jumped at the market, who has grabbed gobs of money! I think the cooperation with well-known brands, reliable product quality, low price advantage will be in the children's shoe market in "show money"! Through Chen's words, we can feel the children's shoes to the Disney Dragons have greater room for development, dishinixiaolong in inheritance and spread Chinese culture, but also inject new vitality into the children's shoe market. Its innovative and personalized products will win the market applauded, and prospects for the development of children's shoes to the Disney dragons are limitless!On April 16, ABC supplies leading brands of children held in Quanzhou, China, "believe in the power of love"----ABC 2013 (2013 stores) winter event 2012-cum prize presentation ceremony. Gathered together more than more than 1000 distributors and guests from around the country